Living Walls

Enviroscapes Living Walls

Living walls are modular structures affixed to exterior walls on rails or brackets over external waterproofing. The modules are complete with lightweight growing media, plants, and drip irrigation. The growing media varies depending on the living wall system, but planted living wall panel typically weighs from 16 to 20 pounds per square foot when saturated. A variety of plants thrive in living walls including ferns, berries, and herbs, and native plant varieties are recommended to maximize environmental benefits and reduce water requirements. Once established, living walls do not require a high level of maintenance.

Additional Benefits of Greenroofs and Living Walls

For the Building Owner

  • Improves energy efficiency, reduces heating and air conditioning burden.
  • Protects the exterior of the building.
  • Reduces noise levels in the building.
  • Improves building aesthetics, increases property value.

For the General Public

  • Reduces urban heat island effects.
  • Improves exterior air quality.
  • Enhances beauty and aesthetics of public spaces.
  • Sequesters carbon.